10 Weird Ways Your Body Tells You To Visit The Doctor

Our bodies communicate to us signs that it’s time for a checkup. Many times we ignore these signs because we do not consider it to be serious. The fact remains, subtle signs when checked up could be the difference between life and death. Let’s take a look and some of the weird ways our bodies tell us that it’s time to visit the doctor.


The jaw is really very close to the heart and sudden jaw pain, even in the absence of chest pain, may indicate blockage of the heart. This is even more evident when accompanied by shortness of breath or pain that is around the heart area. Having this pain is a very good sign that you need to bring this issue to the attention of a doctor without hesitation.


To get insight into how the kidneys are functioning, many doctors often examine the ankles for any signs of swelling. This is because decreased kidney function or kidney failure leads to the body retaining more sodium, which creates swelling, especially in the ankles and feet.


Making a lot of trips to the bathroom could mean you are doing an excellent job of staying hydrated, but if it appears that it may be too excessive, it could also indicate Type 2 diabetes. This happens because sugar builds up in the blood and your organs are working overtime to clean it all up, which leads to a frequent need to keep things draining. In men, frequent urination may also mean prostate trouble.


Hiccups can be caused by a local disturbance in and around the throat, caused by things such as a tumor or cancerous cells. Persistent hiccups can also be a warning of problems in the brain, such as indicating a stroke.


Being consistently cold is a definite sign that something is wrong. Many times it may point to thyroid issues, specifically under-active thyroid. An under-active thyroid decreases the amount of energy you burn and sometimes your bodily temperature, making you feel chilly.


A lack of vitamin B12 can be manifested as a sore tongue, this can then lead to anemia. When accompanied by weak or brittle nails and fatigue, can be a telltale sign that your body is lacking this essential vitamin. A visit to the doctor for a blood test can determine the levels of B12, which is easily treatable and replenished with vitamin pills or diet.


Depending on the type of diabetes, the blood is overrun with insulin and/or sugar. This causes organs in the body to work overtime to bring a balance back to the blood and forces the body to eliminate waste more frequently, which can then lead to a feeling of dehydration and that unquenchable thirst.


This is a very specific symptom that has strong ties to thyroid issues. If you notice thinning in your eyebrows, especially the outer edges of your eyebrows, ask your doctor about possible thyroid issues. There are many different lab tests that can be done when it comes to testing for thyroid issues.


Diabetes is known to cause nerve damage, most people experience tingling before pain, and a recurring tingling sensation in the hands and feet can help identify diabetes in people who are developing the disease.


Researchers still don’t know exactly how Alzheimer’s disease works, but we do know that it affects the brain, which controls the nervous system. One of the many unfortunate symptoms of the disease is a loss of taste, which can often occur in the beginning stages of the disease before other more obvious symptoms start to show.

Now that you know these 10 signs, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it’s time for a checkup. Be sure to take this seriously, as these signs can point to serious health conditions. Also, don’t forget to do your annual checkups, as early detection can save your life.

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