11 Places You Must Visit Within Your Lifetime

The earth boasts of thousands of places worthy to explore but there are hundreds of them that become extinct by the ticking of the clock. Here’s a list of 11 places to see before they’re gone forever.

1. Venice

The romantic Italian city of Venice is sinking five times faster than expected. Scientific findings show that the “City of Canals” is tilting to the east side and is leading to the Adriatic Sea. People who would like to see this enchanting city and its intricate canal systems should head out there soon. Flash floods are recent occurrences in Venice so it is no secret that the floating city might no longer float within a few years.

2. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier National Park lies in the state of Montana, USA. It boasts of rolling hills, unspoiled forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountain systems and impressive lakes. Strategically located in the Canadian borders of Alberta and British Columbia, this national park is home to a number of stunning glaciers that has an area of more than one million acres. Experts predicted that the remaining 25 glaciers will be gone by 2030 so it is advisable to go there before they become totally gone.

3. Belize Barrier Reef System

Considered to be the second largest reef system in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef System is one of the best diving spots to see. It features its claim-to-fame “Great Blue Hole” which is ideal for diving. Recently it is deemed to be in danger of disappearing due to substantial mangrove cutting to pave the way for development in the said area.