12 Daily Habits That Can Silently Lead To Death

We are always told to adopt a proper lifestyle, do regular exercise, and have a balanced diet to stay healthy. But even if you may have stopped smoking, heavy drinking, staying up late at night, eating processed foods, and almost all things that you know is detrimental to your health, your life may still be at risk from many health conditions.

This must be because of some things that we regularly do or fail to do in our everyday lives. These habits, when left unchecked for the longest time, can lead to medical complications and may ultimately lead to your demise. It is surely helpful to check on the following before anything else happens:

Drinking From Plastic Bottles

It is handier to travel with water and other drinks in plastic bottles. They are readily available in stores in different sizes and weigh less than when using canisters. You will also have a more comfortable trip back home because you can dispose of the plastic bottles.

But do you know that plastic bottles contain chemicals that can be released when they are exposed to high temperatures? For all we know, some bottled drinks may have been exposed to extreme heat before they even reach grocery stores.

Eating Fast

Even if you are living a life in the fast lane, take your time when you eat. Consuming your food too quickly every time can pose adverse effects on your health. You can gain weight more easily. This can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and of course, choking, which can cause instant death.

Skipping Breakfast

Some people have the notion that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. The truth is, they may be at risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease instead. This is because when you skip breakfast, you may crave empty-calorie foods during the day that can cause you to gain weight.

Sitting Too Much

If your job requires you to be in the sitting position for much longer periods, you can be predisposed to some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Prolonged sitting can also lead to premature mortality. To avoid these life-threatening conditions, walk around during your break time. You can also stand every time you make or answer telephone calls.

Brushing Immediately After Eating

Poor oral health can impact mortality. Brushing just after eating is not advisable as the teeth enamel may have thinned out, which means you are not protecting your teeth but actually harming them. You should wait for at least 30 minutes to one hour after eating before brushing.

Hand Dryers after Using the Restroom

While we are more conscious about using hand sanitizers after the coronavirus outbreak, it is best to use it also after using the restroom. The restroom is a potential place to acquire bacteria and viruses that can cause cholera, hepatitis, polio, and typhoid, among other life-threatening infectious diseases. The use of a hand dryer only will not eliminate harmful microorganisms.

Using Electronics at Bedtime

Some of the younger generations may have the habit of bringing electronics to their bed and playing with them while trying to get sleep. There are reports that low-quality electronic devices exploded that caused instant death or disabilities.

Not Doing Anything About Your Snoring

Snoring indicates that there is something wrong with your system. Go and see your doctor if you have sleep apnea. This condition can lead to many deadly conditions like atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, and many more.

Being Glued in Front of Your TV All Day

Watching your favorite shows on TV for long hours may have adverse effects on your life. It is a sedentary activity. When you do not at least interrupt it with some activities that require you to exert effort, it becomes dangerous to your well-being. Accordingly, those who watch TV for three hours daily double their risk of an early demise.

Nail Biting

Our hands, including our nails, can be one of the dirtiest parts of the body as they are in contact with many things during the day. Nail-biting can be the easiest way to let harmful organisms into our systems.

Unguarded Intake of Painkillers

Pain killers have been some of the common causes of liver problems. Taking them daily will surely double your chances of liver dysfunction. Skip taking them if you can still manage the pain or when other alternative options can relieve the pain. Liver problems are one of the leading causes of death.

Unmindful of the Scorching Sun

Overexposure to the sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer. Cancer, for all we know, is a life-threatening condition.

All these habits can be corrected. When you have to eat fast because you will be late for an appointment, take a half meal and consume the rest after your meeting. When watching TV, stand and move around, you won’t be missing much. Sun protection products are also readily available in store.

Being mindful of the ill-effects of these habits should help us to avoid doing them. There are many wonderful things that are in store for you in this life.

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