16 Gadgets That Every Senior Needs

There’s no denying that technology has made life so much easier. Complicated tasks that used to take days to accomplish can now be done in just a matter of hours. Even the senior adults are enjoying the products that technology has given birth to. Various gadgets like the ones highlighted below are allowing them to be more comfortable and independent as they go through the aging process.

Motion Sensor Walker

The ‘Light Stick’ serves the purpose of a regular walking stick but it comes with amazing technology that makes it quite beneficial for the blind. It has an obstacle sensor that alerts the users if there is anything ahead of them. What’s more? It has an emergency switch that can be utilized in case of danger.

Motorized Senior Shoes

For elderly people who have incurred brain injuries caused by stroke or severe head trauma, they lose their ability to walk. This is the reason why the ‘Re-Step’ was invented.

What is it? It’s a pair of motorized shoes that allow seniors to walk again, particularly on uneven surfaces. They are hooked to a computer, which, in turn, provides suggestions as well as assistance.

Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are, without a doubt, very helpful for seniors as their sense of hearing deteriorates over time. The good news is, modern and smart hearing aids like ReSound LiNX are now available. They can be attached directly to an iPhone to get directions, control the volume, hear the news, and many more.

Robotic Personal Assistant

To make it easier for the elderly to complete their everyday tasks, the KOMPAI robot was developed. And mind you, it can do so many things, from scheduling appointments to calling out medical professionals and anything in between. It can also serve as a ‘friend’.

Senior Stroller

Mobility problems are common among the elderly due to weak muscles, pain, effects of various illnesses, joint problems, and other neurological issues. Using a high-tech walker like Braun, though, addresses difficulties in moving around.

Senior-Targeted Laptop

The Adaptive Computer has been designed to cater to the online needs of the elderly population. It is very easy to use, and its keyboard is also angled to avoid neck and eye strain. With this device, seniors can easily communicate with their loved ones as well as perform some online tasks like shopping.

Water-Proof Assistive Earbuds

Being active by engaging in moderate physical activities, such as swimming, is important for senior adults to stay healthy. But what about those who wear hearing aids? This is when the PressureAID comes to the rescue. It allows you to still hear the sounds around you while enjoying your favorite water-based activity.

Wellness-Sharing Watch

For seniors who prefer living alone, using the Dusk Health and Memory Companion is highly recommended. This incredible gadget works by allowing the wearer to monitor their blood pressure, body temperature, etc. and share the information with their loved ones. It is composed of a wristband and a separate projector.

GPS-Equipped Walking Cane

This right here is a life-saving tool that every senior should have. It is a huge help for them to get around without getting lost because of the built-in GPS. It can also alert emergency services when needed.

Smartly Sensored Diaper

Diapers work great for infants and seniors alike. Moreso if they are smart and can send an alert when it needs to be changed already. This helps prevent unhygienic routines.

Life-Saving Radio

Radios are usually used for leisure purposes, but the Eton FRX3 serves more than that. It can be utilized as a flashlight and to charge your phone too. Most importantly, it allows you to be well-informed of how the weather is like so you can prepare especially if a hurricane is coming.

Face-Dialing Phone

Designed for people with dementia, the Elderly E Phone makes it possible to call through facial recognition. The user won’t have to remember the names or numbers of people whom they want to call.

Senior Citizen Cellphone

While the Millenials are enjoying smartphones with all sorts of features nowadays, those just won’t work for some seniors, especially those who are not technologically inclined. The Edd phone, on the other hand, is a very useful handset that every senior can utilize. It comes with large buttons and display. It can store important contact information and send out messages in case of an emergency.

Independence-Promoting Pendants

This right here allows a senior adult to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about getting lost. It provides important information like weather forecasts, police alerts, etc. It can also show the nearest station or call out medical professionals if needed, just to mention a few of its amazing features.

Fall-Preventing Shoes

Like what we have said earlier, one of the biggest struggles of older people is mobility. Some of them end up slipping or falling, which can result in injuries. Luckily, B-shoes are now out in the market. They look like normal shoes, but they work really good in helping an individual maintain his balance.

Muscle-Warming Massagers

A lot of senior citizens complain about pain or sore muscles, and this is taking its toll on the quality of their lives. With BACK-TEK, such issues can be addressed accordingly. As they say, this device is a miraculous muscle-warming massager.

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