8 Luxury Cruises Geared Towards Seniors

It is important that you find the right cruise for your lifestyle as some have specific niches that cater to a certain demographic or self-interest. Here are 8 of the most luxurious cruises that cater to seniors:

#1: Princess Cruises to Alaska

Alaska is a fantastic place to visit via a cruise ship. Furthermore, Princess Cruises is often mentioned as one of the most luxurious lines with high levels of comfort, service and personal attention. Princess Cruises is one of the pioneers of Alaska travel by sea so if you like dependability and reputation — you will really like Princess Cruises.


#2: Lindblad Expeditions

If you are seeking thrill and adventure, Lindblad goes to some of the most remote areas in the world! Lindblad skips your general book for tourists and takes you to places you may not have even known existed.


#3: Crystal Cruises

Even the name sounds luxurious. Crystal Cruises is highly regarded for its sophisticated on-board luxury including first-class cuisine and amenities.

#4: Hurtigruten

Previously known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage, Hurtigruten delivers style and itinerary that rivals o other cruise line on the market. It also seconds as a cargo carrier so you will get to stop and visit remote locations far more often compared to the traditional cruise.

#5: Solo Cruises for Seniors

Even if you do not have a significant other there are plenty of amazing cruises for seniors traveling solo. In fact, it is the fantastic opportunity to make new friends with spacious cabins, numerous social opportunities and live events.


#6: Oasis Cruises

There are several cruise ships that cater to the entire family from seniors to children. It is a great time to spend with the children and grandchildren with activities and entertainment for all ages!


#7: Royal Caribbeans

Royal Caribbean’s cruise line caters to accessibility issues including hydraulic pool chairs and wheelchair-friendly commutes from one part of the ship to another. Royal Caribbean also provides on-board medical care.


#8: AmaPrima

AmaPrima is often praised for its scenic cruises because you can not only catch the sights outside on the deck but also from within the comfort of your own cabin. The majority of cabins on these ships have French balconies with floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors.

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