Amazon Delivery Drivers’ Salary: Annual and Hourly Wage Explained

Amazon delivery drivers earn a decent wage. However, what the majority of people are unclear about is the actual pay for Amazon drivers.

The total income of an Amazon delivery driver depends on several factors, such as region and country. For instance, delivery drivers, who work in the Amazon Flex ecosystem typically make between $18 and $25 per hour.

Amazon delivery drivers make an average of $30,000 per year. However, their pay can vary greatly depending on their route and the number of hours they work. Drivers typically start out making around $10 per hour, but this can increase to $25 or more per hour for experienced drivers with good routes.

In the US, Amazon delivery drivers can make between $34,000 and $50,000 per year. The highest earners make up to $50,000 a year.

The initial delivery orders must be completed by the delivery drivers to be eligible for payment and commission.

Nevertheless, this is not an exhaustive breakdown of the Amazon driver’s pay. Before beginning as an Amazon delivery driver or as an independent contractor, you must be experienced

 How much do Amazon delivery drivers make?

The salary varies. Amazon employees’ salaries vary from country to country and also within different regions, and countries.

For example, drivers operating in urban areas earn more than those operating in rural locations because of the demand scenario.

However, Amazon provides consistent work and a regular paycheck to its delivery drivers, ensuring a steady income to help the drivers cover their expenses and fulfill their needs and desires.

Because there are so many different factors that can affect a delivery driver’s pay, there is no set answer for what an Amazon driver makes.

Salary ranges for Amazon employees differ significantly between countries,

Similarly, drivers working in urban areas make more money than those in rural areas.

Nevertheless, Amazon provides consistent work and a consistent paycheck to its delivery drivers, ensuring a steady income to support the drivers’ ability to meet their needs and fulfill their wants.

Furthermore, Amazon provides unrivaled job security due to its extensive network of more than 200 million Amazon Prime members and the daily shipping of more than 1.6 million packages.

Factors that determine the salary

  • Experience

The experience of Amazon delivery drivers can help you increase their overall salary and performance. The minimum wage of an experienced Amazon delivery driver is higher compared to the new intake.

With experience, An average Amazon delivery driver understands different aspects of the company’s operations and can optimize their performance to achieve the desired business results.

  • Knowledge

Your performance and overall compensation can go up as an experienced driver. In comparison to new hires, the minimum wage for an experienced delivery driver is higher.

With the knowledge gained through experience, Amazon delivery driver can maximize their performance to produce the necessary business outcomes.

  • Performance

The remuneration for Amazon drivers is closely connected to how well they perform. The overall salary of a delivery driver increases with the number of hours worked.

Amazon gives its delivery personnel the freedom to select their delivery schedules, which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

  • Service sector

Areas, where services are provided, have an impact and will determine the expected hourly income.

The delivery driver can set their work hours and make the necessary deliveries. They can investigate specific details about drop-off and pick-up using the Amazon application.

Additionally, delivery drivers have the option of working longer hours to receive higher commissions.


The salary for Amazon delivery workers depends on different variables. The average hourly wage for a delivery driver at Amazon starts from $18. This figure is the median, or the midpoint of the ranges, from the Pay Estimate.

There is an average range of $2. Also, bonuses, stocks, commissions, profit-sharing payments, and tips are some of the compensations Amazon drivers can enjoy. 

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