Elon Musk: Banned Users Won’t Be Back For “Weeks,”

It’s no longer news that Elon Musk has bought Twitter.

With the recent acquisition, many are anticipating that the new CEO will release suspended users, including the former US president, Donald Trump.

Recently, Elon Musk promised that suspended users like former President Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to return to Twitter for “at least a few more weeks” unless the social media network developed “a clear method to do so.”

After meeting with civil rights organizations on Wednesday, Musk, who acquired the firm last week, wrote that Twitter would “continue to battle hate and abuse and enforce its election integrity policies.”

On January 6, 2021, Trump was accused of inciting violence prior to the attack on the Capitol in the United States. 

This triggered his suspension, and the CEO of Tesla has stated that Twitter should not permanently ban users and that he would lift the ban against him.

Trump wouldn’t return before the midterm elections, according to Musk’s schedule allowing banned users to re-access the platform.

It’s understandable why Musk is skeptical about lifting the ban. With the recent spike in hate speech, regulations are now being placed on Twitter. 

Researchers found that hate speech increased on Twitter after Musk purchased it. 

According to Montclair State University research, hate speech was tweeted an estimated 4,778 times on October 28 in the first 12 hours following Musk’s takeover.

Given that Musk has referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist” and criticized Twitter’s user moderation policies, his overtaking has fueled concerns that hate speech and extremism might rise on the network. 

He hasn’t, however, substantially altered Twitter’s moderation guidelines.

Musk, who became Twitter’s lone director after the company’s board was disbanded. He said on Wednesday that he had met with representatives from the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Free Press.

Twitter will establish a content moderation council, and no significant decisions will be taken before the council’s meeting. Musk said.

He, however, stated that the council “would include representatives with radically varied perspectives, including the civil rights community and groups that confront hate-fueled violence.”

The big question is: Will Donald Trump return to Twitter?

Having the former president back on Twitter is what many Twitter users expect. The Tesla billionaire is likely to lift a permanent ban against Trump for inciting violence during the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

The rationale behind this could be that Trump has more than 88 million followers on the social networking site, and Musk has said he would let him return.

According to court documents, Musk texted then-Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal in April, “It would be fantastic to remove permanent bans, save for spam accounts and those that actively encourage violence.”

According to Musk, Twitter is creating a content moderation council. Musk stated that he will “dive in” to remove shadow bans and user limitations.

He subsequently posted that Twitter would create a committee for content control “with significantly diverse opinions.”

Before that council meets, Musk promised that “no significant content decisions” or account reinstatements would be made.

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