Highgate Senior Living – All You Need To Know

A lot of retirees prefer senior living because this type of community provides them with a care-free and safe environment. It puts an end to stressful driving and endless household chores as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you opt for senior living, you will gain access to better food, new friends, interesting activities, and most importantly, the care and assistance that you need the most, depending on your circumstances. However, you also have to choose the best facility that can meet your expectations.

Highgate Senior Living Options Available

Not all senior living communities are created equal. But Highgate will surely make a huge difference in your life as you spend your retirement years. This community has been in existence for over 25 years and it continues to grow.

Back in 1995, when Highgate senior living was first established in Bellingham, WA, the company has seen the need for quality and resident-focused care, and this is exactly what encouraged them to expand all the way to Montana, Arizona, and California.

At Highgate, the main purpose is to allow every resident to live their life to the fullest. All of the following locations abide by that mission and vision:

• Arizona

Prescott – 1600 Petroglyph Pointe Drive (Tel #: 928-541-1400)
Flagstaff – 1831 N. Jasper Drive (Tel#: 866-979-5504), soon to open in 2021!

• California

Temecula – 42301 Moraga Road (Tel#: 951-308-1885)

• Montana

Billings – 3980 Parkhill Drive (Tel#: 406-651-4833)
Bozeman – 2219 West Oak Street (Tel#: 406-651-4833)
Great Falls – 3000 11th Avenue South (Tel#: 406-454-0991)

• Washington

Bellingham – 155 East Kellogg Road (Tel#: 360-671-1459)
Vancouver – 9803 NE Hazel Dell Avenue (Tel#: 360-571-7272)
Wenatchee – 1320 South Miller Street (Tel#: 509-665-6695)
Yakima – 5605 West Chestnut Avenue (Tel#: 509-972-4141)

Independent Living At Highgate Senior Living

Most adults plan for and look forward to retirement after many years of working hard. However, this stage in life could still be stressful due to the burdens of homeownership. Highgate offers independent living for active seniors to allow them to enjoy their life without worrying about the usual responsibilities of maintaining a home. Instead of stressing themselves out with those chores that they have been doing most of their life, they can now focus more on their social life.

Furthermore, they will get to do things that they are most interested in, explore new stuff, meet new friends, and see places they have never been to before. These are just some of the perks of independent living at Highgate.

Assisted Living At Highgate Senior Living

If you or your loved one needs extra care, then assisted living would be the best choice. This living option takes the burden of everyday tasks off your shoulders. You can choose the apartment style and size that suits your taste. Plus, you won’t have to worry about those seemingly little chores, but could actually very stressful when they add up.

With this lifestyle, grocery shopping, cooking, doing the laundry and dishes, as well as washing the car will no longer be part of your list. All you have to do is to relax.

Couples Care At Highgate Senior Living

Opting for senior living does not mean that you have to leave your significant other behind. Both of you have the option to join the community so you can make the most out of your senior years together. And what’s great about this living option is that your meals, medications, and chores will all be taken care of on your behalf. This gives you and your spouse the chance to have more precious time to spend together without the stress and worries.

Memory Care At Highgate Senior Living

This living option has been carefully designed for people who have very special needs. Highgate understands how physically exhausting and emotionally draining it is to deal with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia.
With a cozy environment and 24/7 service of highly-trained healthcare professionals, the residents will be given the chance to know themselves again and maintain their relationships with the people who are closest to them.

Respite Stays At Highgate Senior Living

If you are in need of temporary assistance or you simply want to explore and experience how it is to be in a senior living community, the Highgate’s respite stays will give you that opportunity.

Testimonials From Highgate Senior Living

With the long years that Highgate senior living has been servicing the states of California, Montana, Arizona, and Washington, they have made many people, from their residents, family members to their employees as well as their former team members, very happy.

I love living here (Highgate Prescott) because everyone is so warm and kind to me.
– Marion S. (resident)
I am very happy here (Highgate Great Falls), everyone is wonderful.
– Ginny H. (Resident)
My husband and I were both very ill when we moved into Highgate. After he passed, I decided to sell my home and stay. They offer many events that I would not be doing if living at home. Also, I have made many friends. It is a nice place to live.
– Barbara G. (Resident)
They went above and beyond to make this transition a positive one and they succeeded. My parents absolutely adore the staff and they are happier than we dared to hope. Thanks to Highgate as stressful time became a very positive experience.
– Marcia A. (Daughter of a resident)
Honestly, this is the job I never knew that I always wanted. The highest calling is being in service to people. For real!
– John S. (Team Member)
This is my happy place! I have such a strong love for the residents and it gives me such joy to serve.
– Nancy (Community Resource Manager)

Careers at Highgate Senior Living

As Highgate senior living continues to expand their communities, they welcome new team members who have a passion for caring and contributing to the lives of the residents. The warm and supportive work environment offers growth for everybody, personally and professionally.

Do you want to be part of the Highgate family? Here are just come of the career opportunities:

– Care Partner/Caregiver (Bellingham, WA)
– Medical Assistant, CNA or HCA (Bellingham, WA)
– Assisted Living Nurse, RN/LPN (Bellingham, WA)
– Activity / Event Prep / Support (Bellingham, WA)
– Community Relations Coordinator (Issaquah, WA)
– Medication Assistant, CAN/HCA (Vancouver, WA)

Highgate senior living offers full-time as well as part-time jobs. You can contact the different locations to get a full list of the open positions.

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