Gain Access: Senior Discount for Amazon Prime

Top shopping sites are beginning to offer senior discounts, and Amazon Prime is no exception. 

 Senior discounts for Amazon Prime offer a variety of benefits to older customers who may not be able to afford the regular subscription price. With these special offers, seniors can save money on their orders.

Senior discounts for Amazon Prime offer Benefits

The first benefit that comes with an Amazon Prime senior discount is a discounted monthly fee for membership. Seniors can take advantage of this reduced rate by signing up for an annual or two-year plan instead of paying month-to-month fees like other customers do.

This helps them save money over time without having to sacrifice any features or services they would have access to if they paid full price each month. Seniors will also get free shipping on all eligible items purchased through their account, as well as exclusive deals and promotions just for members aged 55 and above.

While saving money with discounted rates on membership plans is the main attraction, senior citizens using an Amazon Prime account also gain access to content such as movies and music, which are available exclusively through the platform at no extra cost.

Furthermore, some products within certain categories may come at further reduced prices than what regular shoppers pay; solely because they hold a valid Prime subscription. These perks make it easier than ever before for elderly individuals who might otherwise struggle financially but still want quality entertainment options delivered directly to their homes.

Cost of Amazon Prime for Seniors in 2022

The cost of Amazon Prime for seniors in 2022 is expected to remain the same as it was in 2021. Seniors who are 62 and older can still get a discounted rate of $6.99 per month. This discount has been available since 2017 and will continue to be offered through at least 2022, making it easier for seniors on fixed incomes to access all that Amazon Prime has to offer.

With so many features included in one low monthly fee, it’s no wonder why so many senior citizens have taken advantage of this special deal over the past few years. All these great benefits make joining Amazon Prime worth every penny!

Seniors can also enjoy the Amazon Prime disability discount. One of the lesser-known benefits of being an Amazon Prime member is the disability discount. This discount allows those who are disabled or have a family member with disabilities to receive discounts on their orders.

The amount of the disability discount varies depending on what type of items you purchase and how many you buy in one order. Generally, it ranges from 10%–20% off eligible products such as household essentials like groceries and personal care items, as well as electronics like TVs and computers.

The exact details can be found on your account settings page under the “Prime Disability Discounts” section when logged into your Amazon account online or through its mobile app version for iOS and Android devices.

How to get the Senior Discount?

To get the senior discount, there are a few steps that need to be taken for you to qualify.

The first step is signing up for or renewing your Amazon Prime membership through their website or mobile app. When doing so, you will be asked if you qualify for any discounts, such as student discounts or military discounts; select “senior” from the list of options provided and follow the instructions on-screen to complete your signup process with this special pricing option applied.

After completing this step, you will have access to all the benefits associated with an Amazon Prime account at a reduced cost!

Once signed up as an eligible senior member, keep track of when your subscription expires by checking out the “Your Account” page under Settings within your profile on either the desktop version or mobile app version of the Amazon Prime service. 

Here they display the expiration date along with renewal information, which includes an updated price.

You must review your eligibility status once a year, as some restrictions may apply depending on where you live. If you are no longer eligible, simply follow the same steps outlined above, but without selecting the “Senior” option during the signup/renewal process before proceeding into the checkout phase!


The Senior discounts for Amazon Prime seem like an ideal solution, as it gives older individuals access to cheaper goods. To enjoy these benefits, older adults must sign up for the program. 

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