The Best Cities for Retirement Style Living

After years and years of working, surviving, and living, seniors deserve a paradise-like city to spend their entire life. Although when it comes to retirement planning, the usual top priority is financial considerations. Incomes, savings, pensions, health care, and social security are some fundamental things that need to be considered to live a comfortable life.

Once those are settled, retirees should consider looking for a place – a comfortable place to live. Elders don’t need to stay at home. There’s more in life to explore. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to do things you cannot do when you were still young and working.

Important Factors When Looking for a Place for Seniors

Older people are delicate and frail. When choosing a place for retirement living, it shouldn’t be just a paradise-like location. There are factors that should be considered;

  • Reasonable costs
  • Lower risks setting
  • The atmosphere
  • The community
  • Maintenance
  • Accessibility
  • Support system

Best Cities for Retirement Living;

More than 150 largest metropolitan locales in the USA are fighting for a spot as the best location for retirement living. An online survey conducted by US News Analysis, with age 45 and older about their top location preferences. Cities in Florida are dominating the ranking.

1. Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers is known for its historical estate and nature. Fort Myers has the best weather- reason why vacationers or travelers choose this city. The median home cost in Fort Myers is $219,200 — slightly below the national median cost of $227,025. 

Food, food, and food. You won’t spend a single day starving in Fort Myers. They serve authentic Mexican tacos, food from Cuba, Peruvian or Columbian cuisine at a low price. Yes! You can taste these foods without compromising your wallet.

Sight-seeing locations – Time square, Fort Myers River District / Downtown, The Pier at Fort Myers Beach, and J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge are some of the finest locations in Fort Myers.

2. Sarasota, Florida

Warm weather, accessible health care, low crime rate, and scenic nature. No wonder why Sarasota is popular for retirees and vacationers. I mean, what more can you wish for? Museums, galleries, and performance arts centers? Sarasota has it all.

You can also enjoy the white sand beaches like Lido Key and Siesta Key. Residents say that they have supportive locals and community relationships. If you wish to work part time, you don’t have to worry about paying tax as Florida has no state income tax.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

If you want to enjoy life while accompanied by music, choose Nashville to live. It’s known as the musical city. You can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and watch a live performance in Grand Ole Opry. And no doubt, Nashville has the most generous tax regime for retirees.

4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Home of popular areas- golf courses, restaurants, hotels, festivals, and entertainment are some of the perks that you’ll enjoy when you choose to live in this city. Ages up to 65 and above can exclude $10,000 of retirement income.

5. Burlington, Vermont

The popular seasons in Burlington (summer, fall, and winter) are reasons why there are a lot of vacationers there. It’s the home of multiple colleges and the people there are free-spirited. It’s not over yet- they have stunning galleries and great museums, too. It’s situated in Lake Chaplin, which is good for sailing, kayaking, fishing, and more.

6. Corvallis, Oregon

Seniors can find a number of state and federal assistance in Corvallis, Oregon. You can enjoy the assisted living facilities in Corvallis, OR with $3, 450 which is lower in the national meridian of $3,500.

7. Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield’s burgeoning nightclub emanates young auras that will make you feel like a teenager. It has an overall living index of 95, remarkably lower than states 139. The healthcare is affordable well as it costs only 84, providing seniors decent savings on medical expenses. 

8. Ocala, Florida

First off… Ocala, Florida’s median home price for elders aged 60 and up is only $136,100. Not only that, but you can also enjoy leisurely horseback riding (if you’re an adventurous type of person) on national trails. You can even have the chance to tour their local horse farm and meet the champions. Appreciate the Ocala Nation Forest full of big trees, lakes, and spring. 

Retirement doesn’t necessarily mean rest and beds. It’s actually the time you are free. Indulge yourself in adventures and discover the world. Go back to being a youth and take advantage of it. You will appreciate how much life can do to you.

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