The Best Workouts for Women Over 50

You probably have seen lots of older adults struggle through old life. Let alone your own beloved folks. If these things do not bother you that you will be one of them, then you can just sit there and relax. But if you imagine yourself enjoying your twilight years when that time comes, better do something. Get out of your comfort zone and start exercising.

Yes. Exercising while you are not yet over 60 has many good implications when you get there. It means that you will have stronger muscles, bones, and connective tissues that can help you to maintain your physical abilities through old age. Women usually start to feel changes in their system right after menopause. This should be the chance to balance out whatever hormonal changes this female phenomenon has brought you. Of course, a well-balanced diet helps and also with a shift to a healthy lifestyle. But when coupled with the right exercise, your physical abilities will surely be maintained. You will go a long way, for sure.

It is advised that women in their 50s should start a well-rounded exercise regimen as soon as possible to combat hormonal changes that affect their physical attributes. A well-rounded exercise regimen should not only focus on one aspect. For example, if you have lingering problems with bulging, your workouts should not only be focused on your tummy. At any rate, there is no exercise that caters exclusively to a muscle or a certain part of the body.

We have listed below the best exercises for women who are in their 50s. You have the choice to select which suits you best.

Aerobic Exercises

Also known as cardio exercises, aerobic exercises trigger the pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to the muscles which are undergoing some physical activities. Heart rate and respiratory rate are increased with aerobic exercises.

Examples of aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, and using a cardio machine, like treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, rowing machine, and stair climber. There’s a lot of options when choosing an aerobic exercise that is suited for you. You can choose among these but you are not limited to only one. You can use a combination of the above aerobic exercises.

With aerobics exercises, you are not only making sure that you have strong muscles during old age, but you will have a healthy heart and lungs as well.

Strengthening Exercises

This type of exercises are intended to gain muscle strength for a specific or groups of muscles. To be successful on that goal, you may need to overload the muscles until they are fatigued. This way, muscle growth can be obtained. Henceforth, muscle strength is also increased.

Examples of strengthening exercises include squats, Romanian deadlifts, reverse lunge, bent-over row, plank, push-up, glute bridge, and wood-chop. Weight-lifting is discouraged for women in their fifties as bone mass may have started to diminish due to menopause.

Loss of muscle strength can be one of the common manifestations of old age. You can prevent that from happening with strengthening exercise now.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises are intended to maintain the normal movements of joints which are important in accomplishing tasks and activities of daily living. The best time to do stretching is when muscles are warm. This makes stretching easier and more comfortable. Make it smooth and as slowly as possible. When you do it in fast, jerky, and bouncy manner, your muscles may tighten that may cause soft tissue tear.

Examples of flexibility exercises include stretching, forward bend, yoga, and pilates among others. When doing regular flexibility exercises, you can be assured that there will be no limitation of range of motion on your joints during your old age.

Exercising does not mean that you have to do the most difficult workouts. Doing them moderately but regularly is the best option. If you are not sure of the exercises that are suited for you, you can consult your doctor because you may have some medical conditions. An exercise instructor is also important if you do not know the right exercises to start with. Never overdo it. Even if you have set some goals for yourself, do not rush. The best results do not come in quick but they are achieved slowly but surely.

Indeed, there is so much to prepare for the old life. Our preparation should not only be centered on financial aspects, but equally important is your physical health. You may not be assured that you will enjoy your financial preparations intended for your retirement if you are not physically fit. All your savings may go to medical bills if you don’t start exercising now.

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