The Most Innovative Technology Geared Towards Seniors

Little by little your old folk may not be the same as before. The effects of aging will soon catch up on your dear old one. Physical abilities, as well as mental function, will soon start wane, and that’s not all, a couple of health problems may arise. Seniors really need our care at this junction of their lives.

Giving care to seniors all the time may seem impossible, especially if your beloved old folk is living away from you. Technology can be of great help. If you still did not hear about these amazing innovative technologies geared towards seniors, it is about time that you do. But first, assess your old folk’s needs to be able to get the best device that will help in your senior’s activities of daily living.


Seniors are prone to depression. One way to keep them out from being lonely is to connect with them even through technology. GrandPad can be the best way. It is senior-friendly with no passwords needed, making communication hassle-free. It maintains a private family network that allows only approved family members to send photos and videos. This easy-to-use device has wireless built-in data. For sure, your old folk will find entertainment by listening to music, playing games, and video chatting with friends and family.

Hero Digital Pill Dispenser

This impressive device is truly helpful if a senior has become forgetful. To make sure that daily medications are taken, a Hero Digital Pill Dispenser is all that is needed. This device can hold 10 different pills. It can be customized to fit a senior’s medication schedule. And you can check on pill dose and consumption by connecting to the Hero app. It can store up to a 3-month supply of medication. You can be notified through the app that the medication supply is nearly consumed. To ensure that nobody is minding this device other than you, it is protected by a password.

Amazon Echo Dot – 3rd Generation

This technology is like having a personal assistant in a modem. It has a lot of easy-to-use features that will surely help seniors in some of their routines. And not only that, it has a couple of entertainment features too. It has a compact form which makes it suitable to carry anywhere a senior will go. It is a voice-activated device that can be used to chat, receive news updates, create grocery lists, and check on the weather. It also has an alarm to remind a senior to take medication on schedule. Besides that, music can be streamed and games are available to entertain your old folk.

Ring Video Doorbell

This technology ensures safety for your old folk, especially if he is living alone. Ring video doorbell uses many doorbell camera systems that notify you through your phone when a visitor ring the doorbell. The device also allows you to speak to the visitor. Other entry points to the house can be monitored too. With its night vision motion sensors, you can be notified anywhere and anytime by this advanced security device.

Tile Sticker

When forgetfulness is slowly creeping in, a senior may have a hard time finding looking for things. Losing items can be a problem. To avoid this, a tile sticker is all a senior needs. This device uses an app with a Bluetooth range of 400 ft. It is waterproof so it is ideal to place mobile phones, wallets, keys, remotes, and other small items that get easily misplaced.

COWIN E7 Headphones

COWIN E7 active noise canceling Bluetooth over-ear headphones are perfect for seniors with diminishing hearing function. This device is excellent for seniors seeking entertainment alternatives. With its noise-canceling feature, canceling low frequency, and Bluetooth technology, allowing easy and hands-free listening, this device is truly senior-friendly. Now, your old folk will have a nicer experience listening to music, watching movies, enjoying podcasts, and many more.

Fitbit Versa 2

This wearable device helps your old folk with its features that track heart rate and sleep. It is a straightforward device that allows easy access to apps and information, helping a senior know about the weather and paying bills while at home or anywhere else. With an alarm, this is suitable for forgetful older adults. It also allows listening to music through different apps.

Indeed, with these innovative technologies geared towards seniors, we can rest assured that our beloved old folks are assisted in their activities of daily living. And besides that, they are entertained and kept safe too.

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