The Top 10 Cars That Are Best for Seniors

Naturally, it is inevitable that humans will grow old. As we experienced that stage of life, our priorities do change especially in choosing the best car that meets your needs. For senior drivers, it is efficient to consider the car’s accessibility, active safety features, and overall performance control that makes it easy for them to go in and out of it.

It is necessary to ensure to your loved ones that what they are using will help them to avoid some sort of accidents. The features must address age-related challenges such as vision problems, mild cognitive deficiencies, or even musculoskeletal pain which leads to arthralgia and arthritis. 

Best Car Features for Seniors

These are some features that you need to recognize:

Keyless Entry and Ignition

This feature is the best example for your senior loved ones who deal with muscle and joint pain like arthritis and arthralgia. It means that the driver will no longer need to do the traditional method of turning on the car because some cars use electronic remote control which is activated by a handheld device or automatically by its proximity.

Parking Aids

Some cars offer a self-parking feature that allows the driver to minimize twisting the upper body back and forth because some car review cameras show 360-degree that cover a wider view of the whole garage or parking space. It automatically navigates the vehicle into its parking space.

Large Digital Dashboard Display 

If your loved ones are experiencing vision problems, the best feature to address that problem is the built-in easy to read information in the speed and gauges. It is located in front of the driver’s line of sight not to be distracted and keeping focused on their way.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

This feature is usually expensive since it uses a set of sensors mounted on the side mirrors or rear bumper to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes. If a vehicle detects something even a tiny kitten, the vehicle itself will alert you via visual and/or audible warning.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is optimized for on-road use. It has the capability to keep your vehicle moving forward better than a front-wheel even if it’s wet or icy roads.

Navigation System

This is perfect for those who have low memories, especially when it comes to remembering maps and directions, who frequently get lost, traveling a new route. It is a computing system that aids in navigating with turn-by-turn directions. This contains maps that display in human-readable format via text or graphical format that links your car’s system through your smartphone. 

Lane Departure Warning

This could prevent up to 7, 529 fatal crashes that result from leaving the vehicle in a roadway because the system use cameras to monitor lane markings. This feature detects when a car is drifting out of the lane and alerts the driver. 

Adaptive Headlamps and Auto-Dimming Mirrors

This works when there is a car behind you with its lights on, cover the front sensor, the mirror should get brighter. This can address those who have vision issues where it actively responds to changing conditions. High-intensity headlamps will light through curve roads or it switches to high and low beams and auto-dimming mirrors will minimize it while driving in dark areas.

Forward Collision Warning

If the vehicles get too close due to its speed of the rear vehicle, this feature will warn the driver of an impending crash. This is suitable for those who are dealing with visual and auditory problems. It is an advanced safety technology that monitors a vehicle’s speed, in front, and the distance between vehicles and sends alarms quickly.

Automatic Braking System

Some cars like Honda Odyssey and Toyota Camry Hybrid has the most effective automatic braking system. This detects an impending forward crash with another vehicle in time to avoid incident crashes. It was said that this feature automatically activates the vehicle’s brake system when it’s necessary.

What Are the Cars That Serve the Best for Seniors?

One of our top priorities for our loved ones is to ensure their safety, that’s why we wanted to give the best that they deserved. Best cars offer amazing and safety features, easy-to-understand information that can give preventive measures to avoid accidents.

Check these top cars recently in 2020 as highlighted by U.S News and World Report as good options for senior drivers:

2020 Subaru Forester

2020 Kia Soul

2020 Honda CR-V

2020 Toyota RAV-4

2020 Ford EcoSport

2020 Kia Telluride

2020 Toyota Sienna

2020 Chevrolet Bolt

2020 Toyota Yari

2020 Lincoln Continental

Some of these cars may be expensive, but it’s worth it. They offer the most unique features that give comfort to you and your senior loved ones. Your decision in purchasing a car will reflect your needs and priorities. Of course, this might be pricy but give your time to think about how it offers safety and how it makes you comfortable. Spending more money to ensure one’s safety is always a good decision.

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