These Habits Are Damaging Your Eyes

Keep in mind that more than 80% of information that you perceive is taken by your eyes. Damaging them will certainly bring you to danger. Our eyes provide us a sense of sight. If other parts of our senses, such as our sense of hearing, taste, or smell are relinquished, it’s the eyes that will protect us from any form of hazards.

Are you aware that what you usually do might be damaging to your eyes? Of course, factors like bad habits or poor vision care are the root cause of damaged eyes. How about the things you normally do? You may think doing these things are normal and not alarming- think twice. These habits that we will provide might shock you;

1. Not Wearing Your Eyeglasses

I can testify how annoying it is to wear your eyeglasses most of the time as someone with bad eyesight. Foggy glasses are inevitable, especially if you have to wear a mask. It even hurts your ears and the upper part of your nose bridge sometimes. But neglecting your eyeglasses could harm your vision.

If you expose your eyes to the UV rays of the sun for a long time, it can damage your eyes and eyelids, resulting in your eyes aging prematurely. Always wear your eyeglasses even when you’re at home particularly if you are using your gadget.

2. Sleeping With Your Contacts

It is natural for us to feel exhausted and sleepy after a long day at work. But failing to get your contacts out in your eyes is no excuse. It is not only risky to leave your contacts in your eyes when you sleep, but it also raises the high risk of infection. It may lead to permanent harm as well. 

Around one million Americans see eye doctors every year with infections linked to eye contact, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Always make sure that your hands are clean when you put on or take out your contacts.

3. Smoking

Smoking does a lot of damage to your body- that includes your eyes. Research has related smoking to eye diseases like dry eyes, cataracts, uveitis, and diabetic retinopathy, such as macular degeneration. Smokers are in great danger of losing their visions four times compared to people who do not engage in smoking. Stopping smoking will decrease the risk of losing vision, no matter what age you are.

4. Rubbing Your Eyes

Satisfying as it may seem but rubbing your eyes too hard is not a good idea. The skin that covers your eyes is very delicate and rubbing them hard enough might break the tiny vessels under the skin’s surface. Keratoconus is a common condition that appears by rubbing eyes excessively. This causes the cornea to thin and loses its shape, leading to blurred vision that cannot be easily corrected by eyeglasses.

Instead, you can opt to try cold compress when your eyes are itching. 

5. Misused Makeup

Since your eyes are very sensitive and delicate, anything that touches it is a potential risk. If you love to put on makeup then you should be aware that your favorite mascara, eyeliner, eye creams, and eye shadows might danger your eyes. Make sure you know what you are doing before putting anything on your face, especially near your eyes. 

Be very mindful of not touching your lash line so you will not block the oil gland in your lids. Throw away or don’t use products that are 3 months old since bacteria might invade these products which will lead to an eye infection.

6. Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a very harmful habit as it can lead to death. You may be oblivious to the fact that lack of sleep might affect the performance of your eyesight- but yes, it does. Twitching, dry eyes, blurry vision, and pain are some common symptoms of damaging your eyes. Follow the standard 8 hours of sleep to reduce any risks. Never use your phone for an hour before going to bed. It’s important to rest your eyes and let them settle before sleeping.

7. Not Visiting an Eye Doctor 

We cannot detect eye diseases on our own. Doctors can detect eyesight issues. Through your eyes, the doctor might detect other illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure that can harm your life.

It is essential to visit doctors as they can correct issues in your eyes by prescribing medical examinations related to eyesight.

We can beat all potential risks as long as we do exercise and if we possess good habits. Eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables boosts the performance of your eyesight. It is up to us to take action before everything is too damaged to be fixed.

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