Veteran Day Deals 2022: Top 3 Places To Get Freebies

In honor of Veteran’s Day, many businesses offer special deals and discounts to veterans and active military personnel. 

Some of the best deals can be found in clothing, travel, food, and entertainment. 

If you know a veteran or you are one, take advantage of these great offers!

Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to give back to those who have served the country, and these deals are a great way for veterans to save money on everyday expenses.

Some of the most popular deals include free or discounted meals, haircuts, car washes, oil changes, and more.

While some businesses require proof of military service for their deals, others simply extend their offers to anyone who shows up in uniform or with a valid military ID card.

Veteran’s Day Deals at Restaurants

Several restaurants are offering special deals and discounts to veterans and active military personnel. Some of the popular deals include free meals, discounted entrees, and specials on drinks.

Meal ideas to consider

There are many great meal ideas for Veterans Day. For something a little different, how about serving up a red, white, and blue trifle? This patriotic dessert is perfect for any Veteran’s Day celebration. Many restaurants also offer special menus for groups of veterans or active military personnel.

Where to get Veteran’s Day deals

There are numerous locations where you can find veteran’s day discounts. Some businesses offer discounts to veterans, while others have special events or sales. 

You can check with your local chamber of commerce or search online for deals in your area.

Here are our top picks!

 Starbucks Veteran Day 2022

 Do you need something for Christmas? Their deals are outstanding! Starbucks has a Christmas promotion where you can get 10 percent off when ordering for a certain period.

The discount will be displayed after the user has logged in to their account, then you can personalize your order as your wish. Please note that the purchase of a qualifying product is free. After the payment is complete, your shopping cart will automatically refresh.

Dunkin’ Veterans Day deal

Here, you could get a 25 percent discount on your total bill, and when you order with Veterans Today, you’ll get 25 cents more off your bill. So you save 25%, and that’s for your entire purchase.

You get $5 off your order for any eligible customer. So if you’re taking advantage of this deal, make sure you let your friends know about this great opportunity to save.

Note: Today, November 11, at participating locations nationwide, Dunkin’ will give veterans and active military members a free donut of their choice without requiring a purchase or ID.

Applebee’s Veterans Day deal

If you’ve received Veterans Administration benefits or other types of veteran benefits, you will get your 25% discount at Applebee’s! There is also a special offer for military personnel, veterans, and military families.


Not every business offers veteran deals. For those that do, it is advised that you visit any of their outlets while the offer is still open!

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